Friday, July 4, 2008

Babies Everywhere

Here is a funny psychological phenomenon. I visit the same grocery store every week. I am funny like that. Marcy visits the store with the best deals. I could care less about deals. I find a store I like and I go with it even if a loaf of bread is $.10 cheaper at Wal-Mart. (Nice digression, no?) Right now, I love our local Kroger store. I roll in there a few times a week for various things.

Prior to two weeks ago, I never saw a single baby. As far as I know, humans in our vicinity were barren and childless. I never heard a baby's cry or saw one of them wiggling in those carriers they strap to the tops of the carts. Now that I know that we are having babies again, the baby population in the area has skyrocketed.

I went into Kroger the other day and the place was thick with the scent of baby. Every cart seemed strapped with a carrier. There were two pushing little pretend carts down one aisle. One haggard but glowing mother carried a toddler on one hip and rocked another in a baby in it's attached carrier.

So, it would seem that my baby radar, so long dormant has been kicked back into working order. Either that, or Allen recently experienced a baby boom amongst Kroger Plus customers.

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Debbie said...

Jason, Your Mom sent me your blog site in my Birthday card. Aunt Betty was here staying with me as I have had surgery on my foot. We so loved seing the new babies and the kids. We'rew excited for your family.. Cousin Debbie