Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween '08 - Gouls, Goblins, Evil Jedi and Pop Stars

Well, Halloween has come and gone. This year, only one of the children did what was expected of them. For Elizabeth, the choice of going as Hannah Montana was not even really a choice. When we asked last month, the name spurted from her lips so fast it sounded more like "Hnamntna!".

The most important part of the above costume, according to the Squirrel, were the black boots (thanks Nana!) Beth has fallen in love with these boots. She wears them as often as she can now. On more than one occasion, she has even attempted to wear them to bed.

The surprising choice in costume came from David, the pacifist. He loves playing the hero and really loved the Iron Man movie this summer. His first choice was, of course, Iron Man. Well, that was before he got his hands on the costume catalog (thanks Nana!) After perusing the catalog, I am sad to report that my son was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force. The following picture says it all.

Pray for us.

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